How does your service pricing work?

Our Interior Styling and Professional Organizing services are charged on on a per project basis. All pricing will be explained and agreed upon in your initial complementary Tidy consultation. If you have an extremely large, or a very small space custom pricing can be determined. 


What if none of your current services suit my needs?

If you are in the market for something that is on our path but not currently offered in our services, please send us an email and we will gladly try to accommodate you and build a custom service for your needs!


Are items from the Curated Shop refundable?

Because of the small amount of inventory we have, items are not refundable. However, if your item is damaged upon arrival, we ask that you send us pictures of the damaged mail packaging and damaged item. We will then gladly further assist you! 


Any other questions?

Feel free to send us an email at hello@thetidy.space or DM us on Instagram @the.tidy with any other questions you may have!