We take your privacy seriously, and take great care to protect your personal information. We will never post anything, including statements, quotes, images etc. unless agreed upon by the client. As our services require a Tidy Representative to be in your space, we want you to feel comfortable knowing that we will respect your privacy and property. It is our intention to always follow current privacy laws and regulations. Through this policy, we aim to inform you of the type of information we collect, and how we use this information. In connection with purchases or sharing of personal information, you agree to have your personal information used as outlined below.


The Tidy, 10410 102 Ave

Edmonton, AB T5J 0E9

is responsible for handling your personal information.


We collect information you give us or have given us at, or that we have collected through the use of e.g. invoicing applications to provide you with our services, and to process payments.

The information we have access to includes: gender, name, address, delivery address, telephone number, e-mail address, IP address, order-, payment-, and purchase history, debit- and credit card number.


In addition to the above-mentioned uses, your information may also be used for statistical purposes, direct marketing, customer polls, newsletter distribution, and identification. It may also be used for sending text messages, e-mails, and regular mail, and, unless you have opted out, for marketing and communication of information via phone. If you would like to opt out of The Tidy marketing to you as our customer, please contact us at

Given and collected information may be used to provide you with relevant information and as direct marketing, in addition to improve our website. Use in conjunction with improvements of payment solutions and payment processing includes transfer of your personal information, as outlined above, to outside companies and third-party suppliers for analysis purposes. Your data may be combined with data from other sources, e.g. credit agencies.

With utmost discretion, your information may be merged with that of other system directories. Additionally, your information may be shared with, and processed by, collaboration partners for the purposes outlined previously, in accordance with current legislation and regulations. Moreover, personal information may be shared or merged with various authorities and our collaboration partners for services related to delivery and payment processing.

By agreeing to The Tidy's Privacy Policy in conjunction with purchases or by otherwise providing your information, you are agreeing to have your information shared with our partnering companies as well.


In the event of a transfer of ownership at The Tidy, or a merger with another company, we may share your personal information with our advisors, potential buyer(s) and their advisors, as well as the company’s new owner(s).


We adhere to security routines and utilize strict data security measures to safely store your personal information. Access to personal information is limited and protected.


When you place an order or create an account with The Tidy, and thereby agree to share your information with us, we will store your information until you unsubscribe. You can unsubscribe at any time. Any information that we have received without you registering with us will be stored in accordance with time periods established by current regulations, or as long as necessary to fulfill our obligations to you, e.g. for order delivery and warranty fulfilment.


It is important that the information we have on file for you is correct and up-to-date. Please contact us if you need to make changes to your information. You have the right to request that you personal information is corrected, deleted, or blocked at any time.

You may, and have the legal right to withdraw your permission for our use of your personal information. You can also limit your withdrawal to only certain parts, e.g. information pertaining to direct marketing.


Our website links to other sites that are outside our ownership or control. Our Privacy Policy applies solely to The Tidy's site, and we are only able to take responsibility for the information on our own site. When leaving The Tidy's websites to access a third-party site, we recommend that you read that site’s corresponding privacy policy.


We reserve the right to make changes to this policy at any time and to the extent necessary to meet current legislative or technical requirements, as well as to rectify disruptions in service. Any changes to our policy will be posted on our website.

*Privacy Policy last updated on 26-06-2018