Digital Decluttering

It’s not surprising to hear that the majority of Canadians spend most of their free time in front of a screen. Smart phone, TV, tablet, laptop, computer…it’s safe to say we all spend A LOT of time staring and scrolling. Unfortunately, these devices can increase our stress and anxiety levels (FOMO anyone?). With constant notifications and bubbles reminding us that someone’s waiting, we have become partially attentive to anything other than our screens. Now don’t get me is amazing! It allows us to be more connected than ever before and let’s not get started on how social media can help a small business (!) However, I strongly believe that digital clutter can be just as harmful as physical/spacial clutter.

By decluttering your devices you can declutter your brain…and possibly become a little less dependant on that screen time.

Here’s a quick Tidy list to get you started:

  1. Delete any apps or programs you haven’t used in the past couple months (if you need them down the road you can always download them in a jiffy). Visual clutter can have a huge impact on your mind. If it’s taking up unnecessary space on your screen, then it’s likely taking up a little file in the back of your brain too. DELETE!

  2. Organize the apps and programs that you do use into labelled files. This cuts down on the amount of visual clutter on your screen AND allows you to spend less time searching for files you actually need.

  3. Overhaul your email inbox and clear out any advertising/shopping/useless subscriptions you are signed up for. These subscriptions just take up space and distract you from messages that are of actual importance. If you want to keep track of companies or businesses, follow them on instagram to stay in the loop. You don’t need to be inundated with emails on the daily (that are also very good at persuading you to spend money).

  4. Turn Off notifications for your social media channels. Unless your job is running the social media for a business, you do NOT need to be informed of every like or comment you get. It’s distracting to yourself and unfair to the people around you. If this is a hard one for you, ask yourself why you are so dependant on the instant gratification of these notifications and what you can do to change that mentality.

  5. Change your free time or boredom routine. It’s easy to grab your phone and scroll through digital platforms when you want a brain break. Ironically, you are just adding more information, headlines, imagery, wants, to do’s etc. to the clutter in your mind, rather than giving your brain a break. Try catching yourself when you turn to your phone or computer and do literally ANYTHING else. Read, go for a walk, play with your dog, have an impromptu dance party. I promise your brain will thank you.

  6. Put. It. Away. This one may seem obvious, but I guarantee the majority of us have our phone beside us while we are on our computer, or our laptop on our lap while we watch Netflix on TV. Sometimes it comes down to multi tasking and being as productive as possible. Other times it’s an unneeded distraction form our work, friends, or family. Being able to separate your digital world from your real world is important.

The digital world today is vast and truly amazing! It helps us connect on major levels and sometimes even gets us from point A to point B. Digital clutter = Real clutter. Cleaning up your digital space will in turn clean up your mind space, I promise.


Team Tidy