Pet Parents: Tidying 101

It’s no surprise people call themselves pet ‘parents’ now a days. The number of people that are opting out on children and opting in on animals is growing. This also means that the pet market is booming. Whether it’s home accessories, wardrobe options, vegan snacks…house pets are living their best lives. As we found on,

“It is more expensive than ever [to own a pet], but not just because average services like vet visits are increasing in price. It’s because our pets are increasingly being considered members of our family.

This new found status for our pets brings with it the extravagances of modern life, including high-end dining, hotel stays, and high tech to match the lifestyle of our own connected lifestyles.

Canadians spend $6.6-billion a year on their pets. And increasingly, more urban couples are opting to become pet owners. A recent pet food industry report suggested that there is a link between the fact that more city-dwelling couples are getting dogs and that more of us are waiting until we are older to have kids.”

These numbers really aren’t surprising when we take into account the fact that this generation is waiting longer to have children (if at all), and living in smaller or more compact spaces than a lot of our parents. Organization is KEY if we want to save time, money, and sanity. Here are a few quick pointers to keep your BFF (best furry friend) happy and some extra loonies in your pocket.

Start off by getting rid of anything that doesn’t get used or played with. If you are holding on to too small collars, broken toys, or dried up treats, let them go. On the same note, if you have more toys than you can count on one hand, consider donating some unused or gently used toys to your local pet shelter.

Next, dedicate a space in your home specifically to your animal. This keeps their stuff organized and helps them build a routine. There are tons of organizational units on the market that provide storage space for your buddy’s stuff and additional space for food storage and feeding space. Hint: You can also search IKEA hacks for pet stations and see how many great things you can do on a budget! It doesn’t have to be fancy or complicated. Having one area that is home to all of your pet’s stuff will provide you with somewhere to throw everything at the end of the day, and allow you to easily see when it’s time to hit the store.

Finally, consider purchasing an air purifier. This helps keep pet dander and dust at bay, which in turn makes your space feel more like a fresh garden and less like a wet dog or kitty litter shelter. We’ve heard great things about both Blue Pure and Molekule brands.

As always, if you’re feeling overwhelmed or unsure of how to create a dedicated space for your pet, give us a ring!

Happy #pawrenting


Team Tidy