Mental Decluttering

Since May is observed as Mental Health Awareness Month, we found it fitting to quickly note why decluttering is so important not only for our physical space, but for our mental space as well.

It seems like common sense that if our surroundings are cluttered, we probably won’t be our most productive selves. That’s true, but it actually goes way beyond productivity. In a world where being ‘busy’ and ‘over caffeinated’ is excessively glorified, we often forget to stop and notice the impact our surroundings are having on us.

Stop right now. Stop whatever you’re doing and notice your surroundings. Actually NOTICE them. Colours, smells, sounds, space. What is around you? Are you at ease or do you feel more stressed? What do you like? What do you dislike? These days everyone is busy, and hustling, and running around, so it’s no wonder mental health issues are so present in our lives. The spaces around us often fall to the way side or get neglected…unless they are instagrammable of course (insert eye-roll here). Our physical spaces will always be intertwined with our mental spaces, even if we choose to avoid the connection. The biggest problem is that physical clutter overloads our senses and creates a mental strain. It robs us of our energy and can leave a feeling of being overwhelmed and anxious. The physical piles and stacks of clutter are piling and stacking up mentally and emotionally too. One of our favourite quotes that rings true to this says:

“When you are filled with inner clutter, the chaos reflects in your personality as obsessiveness, confusion, disorganization, broken speech patterns, insomnia, indecisiveness, and lack of direction. When your home and world are in disarray, you can’t relax. It takes more energy to be in chaos because you have to keep track of all the junk. Eventually exhaustion sets in. When you honestly look at clutter and ask if it’s necessary in your life, buried emotions come to the surface…toss what’s unnecessary so that you can finally relax, and your remaining possessions will have a clear place to land.”

- Brooks Palmer

We get it. Most of the time it’s easier said than done to take on years worth of clutter in our spaces. We don’t have time, too busy, not a priority, and yes, sometimes even scary. Buried emotions coming to the surface?!?Damn right that sounds scary! But it also sounds extremely freeing and necessary for any type of growth, lifestyle change, or mental clarity. Long story short, outter clutter IS inner clutter and we should be making it a priority to declutter both in order to LIVE. OUR. BEST. LIVES.


Team Tidy