Love & Let Go

Sometimes it's hard to let go of things when we attach them to the time, place, or person that gave them to us. The thing is, if the item no longer serves us, it is only collecting dust and is often causing a negative energy in our space. It's important to realize that you have the power to appreciate the item for having served it's purpose, and then letting it go.

One of my favourite things to do when going about my own personal cleanings or closet clears is to remember a time when the item served a strong purpose in my life. If it never did or I struggle to come up with something, it most definitely needs to leave my space. When I happen upon something that I once loved but no longer fits, gets used or is in poor condition, it’s best to let it go. The realization that maybe a little love has been lost is not a bad thing. It just means that someone else will find better use and purpose for it the way I once did!

I often notice that the hardest part about letting things go for most people is a feeling of guilt. They feel guilty because someone they love gifted the item, or it was passed down from a family member, or a lot of money was spent on it. Believe me, I get it. It’s hard to separate emotion from things…but in the end they are just things. AND if those things are cluttering your space and mind, you and your family and your friends and anyone who ever gifted you anything will benefit so much more from you clearing it out. Don’t hold onto it for guilts sake.

It comes down to this - if it isn’t of use/serving a purpose or adding joy/beauty to your space, it needs to go. A great way to test this is to hold the item in your hands (or examine it if it’s large) and ask yourself if you’ve used it in the past week or if it is an item that adds beauty to your space. If you answered YES then keep it. If you answered no or came up with some long winded story of when you got it AND how you should keep it AND you’re not sure if it will come in handy OR you might need it when you turn 40 AND if you have kids one day you would like it OR when you get back to your goal weight it will fit…OOOF. Breathe. It may sound silly but if the first thing out of your mouth is an excuse or justification, it needs to be let go.

If this is something you struggle with we can definitely help you get started or help you through the entire process. Sometimes it’s tough to get a handle on our things when we’ve given our things the power for so long. The best part is, it’s never too late to get started!



Team Tidy