Minimalism VS Maximalism

I recently had one of my good friends ask me if it was possible to organize her space in an "un-minimalistic" way. She told me that she absolutely loves all of her 'stuff' and that everything she has is meaningful to her. My friend is an AVID traveller and a lot of the things she owns are collections from her travels around the world! She said that she used to be embarrassed that she had so many things and that she liked her 'stuff' so much, especially since minimalism became a household word. 

This made me immediately want to write to you guys about minimalism, maximalism, and why your space doesn't have to be one or the other to work for you. After explaining to my friend what my idea of maximalism is, she came to understand that minimalism isn't an ideal that has to be followed to get the ultimate use and productivity out of your space!

 I do tend to lead a minimalistic approach when it comes to organizing for my clients. In my experience most of us have WAY too much stuff that isn't being used and is taking up prime real estate in our space. A good, hefty clean out is usually the best way to separate what we actually need and what is collecting dust, but that doesn't mean we have to throw out all of our stuff and live in a white box. I personally think it's just as important to understand maximalism as it is minimalism. Here at The Tidy we use the term Maximalism to refer to very full spaces, maximizing your wall/floor/cabinet space to fit a large amount of your favourite things and most loved stuff, organizing your space properly so that you have designated places where you can find all of your lovely things! Minimalism on the other hand is living with only what you need and use on a daily basis, not living in excess or with too many things in your space, generally the essentials only. I like to pull from both of these worlds when organizing or styling spaces for my clients. I don't expect anyone to throw away things they love in the name of minimalism, but I also want to show you the importance of letting go of things that no longer serve you (blog on that coming soon!).

Whether you are looking to become a hardcore minimalist, want to stay a devoted maximalist, or need help finding middle ground, we can help you turn your vision into a reality. As always if you have any questions about either send us an email or DM! 




Team Tidy